Redefine investment success


The underpinnings of goals-based investing rest in redefining investment objectives. Rather than using measures of return and standard deviation to define success, results are instead measured in terms of the investor’s ability to meet personal financial goals. Risk is viewed in terms of the probability of falling short of those goals, as opposed to simply outperforming or underperforming a benchmark index.

Goals-based investing is a more intuitive approach for investors because it centers on meeting tangible objectives. The focus changes from exceeding the return of a given benchmark to achieving the tangible. Reliance on returns to measure success and standard deviation (a term few investors comprehend) to measure risk is replaced with the pursuit of specific and personal goals. A portfolio solution tailored to better align with an investor’s view of a goal and measure of risk becomes more easily understood and relevant, leading to more meaningful, personal discussions of wealth management.

Because goals-based investing incorporates the principles of behavioural finance, it can help change investor behaviour by creating a more rational framework for expectations. It can also help investors avoid traditional mistakes, such as making snap decisions to pull out of the markets during volatile periods. When the focus is on a particular financial goal, and not on a benchmark return, investors may be more likely to ignore the many whims of the market.

Goals-Based Investing gameboard
Goals-based investing shifts the focus away from investment products and benchmark performance to what really matters: achieving personal goals

Our unique approach 


Goals-based investing is a process that helps you change the conversation with your clients from one based on product and performance to one based on advice related to the achievement of personal goals. We have spent years developing tools and processes to help advisors get to the heart of client goals and measure how they are performing against them. Working with experts in the field of psychology, we designed our tools to foster more meaningful conversations about life and wealth goals.